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History of San Marino Club
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1he Republic of San Marino is a 24 square mile enclave nestled in the Apennines Mountains near the Adriatic Sea in north central Italy.  San Marino was founded in 301 AD and prides itself on being the oldest constitutional republic in the world. Today, San Marino boasts 29,000 residents.  The Metro Detroit area is home to many Sammarinese and their families.

The San Marino Club was founded in Detroit in the 1930's, when immigrants came together to form the social and cultural club on McNichols in Detroit.  In the 1950's, the Club added a banquet hall to its Detroit location.  With much foresight to an expanding metropolitan population, the Club moved to its convenient location in Troy in 1976, where it remains a vital entity today.  Our distinctive exterior is a landmark for anyone traveling Big Beaver Road.

The San Marino Club's exclusive membership includes only those born in the Republic of San Marino or their descendents.  While the club membership is exclusive, our banquet and dining facilities are open to the public and we welcome the opportunity to share our culture, our pride and our attentive service to make your event a memorable and special one.