Special Events San Marino Club Troy, MI

Celebrate Special Occasions at San Marino Club Troy, MI


Special Events are what the San Marino is all about.  Whether it's a Birthday Party,
Retirement Party, Awards Dinner or Golden Anniversary we'll help you celebrate in style!

No matter how simple or lavish a social gathering you wish to have, what kind and amount
of food and beverages you want to serve, and how few or many guests you plan to invite,
the San Marino Club will make your celebration an occasion fit for a king!

Our party planners and creative caterers can produce anything from a fantasy land
extravaganza to an elegant anniversary steeped in tradition.  Contact us today to learn
how we can make your special event dreams a memorable reality.


Retirement Party San Marino Club Troy, MI

A lifetime of hard work deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated.  Our event planners
and creative caterers know how to make an impression that will last a life time.  From the decorations, banners, centerpieces, streamers and food preparations, everything is taken
care of with the class and professionalism this special event deserves.

Whether the retiree is a friend, co-worker, or family member, we'll send them into retirement
with a blast!  We deliver a party that will celebrate both what the retiree did in their working career and what they are getting ready to do in their retirement.  Our event planners will personalize your theme for the party and make sure the "guest of honor" is made very special. We can even help you arrange to have a fun "roast and toast" for the guest of honor and
make the party rock!

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